Dr. Tamm works as a specialized lawyer in the field of medical-law. Since he has proved particular theoretical knowledge and practical experience concerning medical-law, he has acquired the permission to entitle himself “Specialized Solicitor for Medical-Law” (Fachanwalt für Medizinrecht). As such he also helps patients from the U.S. to get a compensation for damages in cases of assumedly medical malpractice.

Working in the field of medical-law requires more than just the knowledge of the law. It also requires some medical-knowledge to be able to judge a case and understand what was done with / to the patient and if this was right or maybe wrong. So we think, being specialized in medical-law is essential for a proper representation of the client needing help in a malpractice case.

Compensations for pain and suffering are lower than in the U.S., but why not claim a compensation, if there is evidence, that the damage was caused by an avoidable doctors’ mistake? So don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Tamm, if you assume a case of medical malpractice:



Some general information about medical malpractice law in Germany is provided by the Library of Congress

“Medical Malpractice Liability: Germany”